Coated Fabrics – Architecture

Integrated light-weight stadium

The latest and state-of-the-art applications are sports stadiums such as most of the German Bundesliga stadiums. During the Olympic Games in London, the basketball and swimming stadiums were built with PVC-coated fabrics.

Membranes for tensile architecture

Tensile fabric roof structures – Be it a stadium roof, a marketplace or a bus station cover, or a roof cover for an archeological site, tensile fabrics are used to shelter large structures without using disturbing building elements such as pillars. The excellent strength of the architectural membrane matched by its lightweight and flexibility allow tent structures to withstand heavy loads with minimal use of building material.

Vinyl in European Stadiums

Let us take you on a journey from the splendid theatres of Ancient Greece to present-day sports complexes with the use of vinyl materials.

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Vinyl in European Stadiums


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