Coated Fabrics – Applications in the field of Environment

Double membrane gas holders

Biogas is considered a sustainable and decentralized form of energy generation. Self-supporting low-pressure storage systems made of double membranes are among the most efficient plant types: While the inner membrane stores the biogas, the outer membrane works as the outer shell. Since the construction is designed as an air-supported structure, it does not require a load-bearing element.

Biogas bags

Inner membranes are used both to store the biogas in so-called double membrane gas holder, and also serve as housing for biogas bags mounted on buildings or steel or concrete tanks.

Membranes for flexible water tank systems

Flexible water tanks are used for the temporary supply of drinking water in case of catastrophes, for the storage of extinguishing water, for the collection of waste water, or for the storage of liquid fertilizer. IVK Europe member companies have developed a coated membrane, certified for the storage of drinking water.

Environmental Textiles - protection cloths
Agriculture protection cloths

Rotary mowers are equipped with protection cloths to shield the surrounding areas from thrown objects. The norms ISO 17103 and EN 745 regulate the safety requirements for rotary mowers.


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