Coated Fabrics – Tents/Lightweight

Coated Fabrics – Attractive tent roofs
Attractive tent roofs

Coated fabrics are flexibly, high-strength and waterproof laminar plastic membranes. The tear resistant backing consists of a special fabric biaxially produced with polyester fibres.

Industrial warehouses

Industrial warehouses offer a highly efficient, weatherproof storage or work space. Self-supporting structures made of metal and membrane span over large areas without the need of annoying pillars, for maximum use of space. Compared to conventional buildings, membrane halls only need minimal foundations, and can be dismantled and rebuilt if needed.

Beschichtete Gewebe – Hangars

Aircraft hangars require large, self-supporting structures that provide weatherproof shelter to the largest aircraft. Compared to traditional building materials, structures consisting of steel tension assemblies and coated membrane allow maximum spans and highest Efficiency.

Events marquees & party tents

If the event location is not big enough or the weather does not play along large marquees or smaller tents for events provide the perfect solution. They are light-weight, mobile and high-quality structures.

Fabrics for tents provide excellent protection from all weather conditions and a cheerful atmosphere.

Beschichtete Gewebe – Pavillons

Be it a party gazebo, a presentation booth or a race shelter, canopies serve as weather protection, advertising space and eye-catcher alike. The high-quality coated membranes ensure the desired outcomes are achieved.

Beschichtete Gewebe – Inner membrane and multi-layer big tents, Air-supported halls
Inner membrane and multi-layer big tents, Air-supported halls

Football and tennis courts can be used also in winter thanks to air-inflated halls. In summer, the halls can be dismantled and outdoor sports can be pursued again. Modern air domes are composed of two or more layers of tensile fabrics. IVK members offer both special inner and outer membranes.

The sturdy outer membranes serve as weather protection and take over static functions. The inner membranes are used for thermal insulation and condensation water drainage. A lightweight fabric and an optimal light transmission are the core requirements for coated membranes used in this sector.

Beschichtete Gewebe – Circus tents
Circus tents

Circus shows plunge their audience into a fantastic word, and circus tents themselves are an important feature contributing to the special atmosphere. On the inside, they create a darkened space that allows working with light effects. On the outside, their bright colors attract the audience’s attention, while the easiness of dismantling meets the needs of circus performers.


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