High-value Lightweight Packaging for Food Products or Pharmaceuticals

IVK Europe represents the interests of three companies that produce rigid PVC films for packaging or food-products made from PVC foils or PVC/PE composites. The exterior layer is thermally welded. Thus they guarantee the necessary durability and freshness of the foodstuffs contained therein.

The particular requirements for packaging are closely linked with the modern industrial development. The goods have to be protected in a way that maintains the quality. They have to be stored and transported, labelled with weight, quantity, price, origin and details are to be provided of the shelf-life of individual products. All this must packaging be able to do without effecting its content.

New packaging materials are being developed all the time to achieve lighter and thinner-walled containers which reduce the amount of plastics while retaining the necessary “barrier” properties. The technology to sort, prepare and recycle useful materials is being continually developed. Different foodstuffs require different protection and different packaging. PE (Polyethylen) is most suitable for the use of milk package; PVC (Polyvinylchlorid) makes most sense for products which are sensitive to oxygen and aromatic.


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