PVC Soft Films – Roofing

PVC Weichfolien – Roofing membranes for residential buildings with integrated building services
Roofing membranes for residential buildings with integrated building services

PVC roofing membranes are an important material group for the application in roofs.

Soft PVC films are in particular very well suited for the versatile design of flat roofs with technical structure for building services. The permit an optimal interaction of the functional layers of the flat roof and thus guarantee a reliable sealing of the structure.

PVC Weichfolien – Large-surface roof design
Large-surface roof design

Large-surface roof designs can be excellently realized with PVC roofing membranes. Also flat roof gardens, which need a waterproof basis, can be functionally and attractively designed by laying soft PVC roofing membranes underneath.

PVC Weichfolien – Stadium roofs
Stadium roofs

For the design of stadiums, the shaping of roofs is decisive for their attractiveness. The relatively low weight of soft PVC films and the versatile forms of coating make possible unique roof constructions and interesting surface design.

PVC Weichfolien – Attractive functional buildings
Attractive functional buildings

Apart from stadiums and arenas, other building forms can be designed with soft PVC films and coated fabrics that go way beyond the possibilities of classical buildings. The forming with films and fabrics is practically unlimited and gives the architecture almost all possibilities.


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