PVC Soft Films

PVC Soft Films

The IVK Europe member companies produce PVC soft films with state-of-the-art calenders. The environment-friendly and low-cost film is unique among flexible films due to its mechanical stability.

PVC soft films are transparent or opaque in all colours. They can be easily printed, welded to each other, easily cut, formed in any way and resilient. Depending on application area and use, their life period can last decades.

Quality Directives Plasticized PVC Films and Sheets

The IVK Europe Quality Directive "Plasticized PVC Films and Sheets" describes the essential scope and requirements for the production of films and sheets for various applications. It shall serve users as brief overview.

PDF: Revised version 2020

Quality Guide – 3D Furniture Front Production

With these "3D Furniture Front Production Quality Guide", we describe the major aspects related to the manufacture of 3D furniture fronts and provide the users with a comprehensive informational publication.

PDF: 3D Furniture Front Production - Quality Guide


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