IVK Europe's Voluntary Commitments

Circular Plastics Alliance Membership

IVK Europe active in the CPA working group Building & Construction

Signatories of the CPA include sustainability as part of their core business strategy.

  • The Circular Plastics Alliance aims to boost the EU market for recycled plastics to 10 million tonnes by 2025. The alliance covers the full plastics value chains and includes over 245 organisations or companies representing industry, academia and public authorities.
  • What has the CPA done throughout 2020?
  • Click here to see the VIDEO:  on achievements and work done in 2020.

We actively support the ...

  • Work plan on design
  • The alliance’s first deliverable is a work plan on design-for-recycling of plastic products (design work plan). In December 2020 this work plan lists already 19 plastic products that the CPA will make more recyclable.

and the ...

  • R&D Agenda
  • From the 6 SpecificR&D needs which are common for at least 3 of the 5 market sectors IVK Europe is actively involved in:
    - CPA1: Chemical and Physical Recycling
    - CPA6: Better separation of different plastics

Voluntary self-commitment VinylPlus

The members of IVK Europe take the principle of product responsibility very seriously. They live it with the voluntary self-commitment VinylPlus, the 10-year programme of the European PVC industry on the sustainable development of PVC.

VinylPlus is based on the successes of the sustainability initiative Vinyl 2010 and takes the next steps: 5 sustainability challenges.

WEBSITE:  http://vinylplus.eu


Download: VinylPlus Progress Report 2022

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VinylPlus Progress Report 2022
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