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Coated Fabrics

Highly elastic coatings and coatings on the basis of polyester fibers and PVC for sportswear, padding material, technical materials, clothing, coated fabrics for trucks and light-weight buildings for sports stadiums and flexible roofings, permanently flexible, washable, high flexibility, high elongation at break, soft feel, design freedom, solvent-free, tox-free.

Manual for the handling of PVC-coated polyester fabrics

Our members, which are among the leading suppliers of PVC-coated polyester fabrics throughout the world, prepared a manual to show you how to handle, clean and store your PVC coated polyester fabric in order to achieve the longest possible life time of your membrane.

Below you will find a manual in german and english language.

Instructions for the handling of lacquered PVC-coated polyester fabrics

Richtlinie zum Umgang mit PVC-beschichteten Polyestergeweben



Planned reorganisation of the shareholder structure for IVK Europe member RENOLIT


DINP – ECHA’s RAC final opinion: no classification warranted

Brussels, 13 June 2018 – ECHA has published the RAC opinion[1] on the assessment of DINP under the CLP regulation stating that, “Overall, RAC concluded that no classification for DINP for either effects on sexual function and fertility, or for developmental toxicity is warranted”, meaning no classification, neither Category 1B nor Category 2. This final opinion explains in detail the media statement published by ECHA 16 March 2018. more

VinylPlus, Committed to Sustainable Development

VinylPlus® is the voluntary sustainable development programme of the European PVC industry. It aims at creating a long-term sustainability framework for the entire PVC value chain. PVC is made from salt, oil and natural gas and is one of the most widely used plastics in the world with a wide range of applications such as window frames, water pipes, flooring, packaging, cables, credit cards, and a whole range of lifesaving medical applications! more